About Page

The life of a college student revolves around a community of learning and developing one’s career. I am a college student who heavily relies on friendships and family for support during stressful times. I was socially isolated from friends, family, and business relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic. The only way to communicate with anyone was through social media or other virtual mediums. As a result, I became curious about human connections, so I took classes on human behavior. The experience of lacking human interaction inspired me to learn about such a complex subject matter.

Virtual mediums are interwoven in every part of our lives. For example, almost every interaction we have when meeting new people or reconnecting with someone from our past involves utilizing virtual platforms. However, heavily relying on virtual platforms to engage with other people, our social skills can suffer when there is a lack of balance between physically engaging with people.

This blog will cover interpersonal communication, friendships, relationships, healthy boundaries, and self-care. Healthy relationships and social skills with oneself and others are essential in every area of life..