Blog Assignment

My 24 hour blog assignment was charted on June 2nd, 2023

9:00 am — Discord

My friend posted a message on discord letting everyone in the group chat know that he is going to watch spiderman. He shared the available seating that was in the theaters. I clicked on the link and I could see that you needed to create an account and add a payment method in order to proceed.

12 pm – Target Website

I looked at Target’s retail jobs on their site and created an account providing my name, and email, and also I had to notify Target on how I heard of any of the positions that I was possibly applying for.

1 PM – Google Docs

I started working on my resume and now I remaining aware that all the information that I provide on my resume including my address is possibly recorded by google.

3:00 pm — Uber Driver App

I downloaded an Uber Drive App to check out its functionality if I ever were to try it out. They needed my phone number, email, and name. To potentially start driving they needed more information such as my drivers license 

3:15pm — Taskrabbit App

I downloaded this app called Taskrabbit on my phone for gig work. I needed to provide my email, name, phone number, and my zip code to even access the platform. So now they have access to the general area where I live.

3:10 pm — Glassdoor

I was reviewing potential job opportunities in the future for teachers after I get my bachelors degree. Something I noticed about glassdoor recently was that they don’t allow someone visiting their site to see all of the reviews and information about the jobs unless they sign up for an account and send them information about a company I have worked for, even the role and salary I had at the time.

3:30 pm — Indeed

I also reviewed possible teaching jobs on indeed and in order for me to continue exploring further research and information I had to create an account which provides my email, name, and a password.

4:30 pm — Instagram

My friend sent me photos from the spiderman movie they watched   through a direct message on instagram. It made me contemplate whether or not the instagram algorithm actually monitors the content from direct messages.

6:25 pmInstagram

My friends sent me some funny clips on instagram and I started seeing other posts that they liked in my instagram feeds. So I realized that I started watching the same content that my friends were liking. So instagram may be monitoring what people as a group are watching and are into.

8:00 pm — Instagram

I checked my friend’s instagram posts where he shows a progression of drawings for the new spiderman animated movie that just came out. Since  I liked his posts, I noticed that I received posts and commercials on my instagram about the new spiderman movie. So the algorithm that instagram has probably will continue to send me content that is marvel or spiderman related for a few days.

I’ve noticed that I don’t have any issues sharing my email, name, and even my phone number online. As long as it’s for a legitimate purpose and I trust the website or app, I feel comfortable providing that information. Of course, I always make sure to read the privacy policy and terms of service carefully before sharing any personal details. It’s important to be cautious and protect our online identities. I’ve realized that I don’t feel comfortable sharing my address or other personal information anymore. It’s important to prioritize my safety and privacy, and be very careful of any further information that I provide other than my email, name, and possibly phone number. I’m realizing that maybe this information can possibly be collected in a way where it can track further information from other sites if virtual companies wanted to.

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