Media Creation’s Connection to Media Literacy

Content that we consume in the media can influence how we feel about a subject matter. For example, if we are not mindful of the messages in the media that we consume before creating content. In that case, we could post content that has influenced our perception of that subject matter to our friends, family, or followers.

One time I was emotionally influenced by a text message saying that many people’s apple accounts, including mine, had been hacked. I was so alarmed by this information that I notified my mother and sister about this message. After I called the apple store, I was notified that it was just a scam that many people have been receiving. Before I sent my mother and sister a message to check on their apple accounts, I should have researched by calling the apple store before notifying my family members.

Not too long ago, I watched a documentary called the Social Dilemma, which showed how content creation’s power drastically affects the masses. There was a scene in the documentary where someone posted false information about a pizza place secretly trafficking children. A social media user that took the content seriously got arrested for attempting to storm the pizza place because of this false information.

Based on the video from the lectures called Principles of Media Creation, it is essential that whenever creating media, it is crucial to identify the purpose of creating content, whether it is to inform, entertain, or even persuade. If it is to inform people, it is essential to check our information for accuracy.

Regarding the Principles of Ethical Media Creation as a content creator, it is imperative to remain aware of external forces like laws, businesses, and many others, so we don’t accidentally mislead others in the media.

Content creation is a responsibility that each creator wields when posting content on communication mediums. Therefore, being mindful of the harm and good one can do when posting content is crucial.

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