My Media Use

My 24 hour media diary was charted on May 19 th, 2023

9:30 am — Instagram

Since I had Friday off from work, I slept in a little late that morning. I immediately checked my phone to check on my friends through instagram.

10:40 am — Facebook

In the morning I check on some of my family members, through the Facebook chat system. To make sure everyone is have a great week.

 11:30am — Instagram

I am part of a college group of friends and I wanted to check out their posts for the early part in the morning.

11:35 AM – January 13, 2023 Russia Ukraine News

I checked out CNN to see the latest news in the world. I was checking out CNN to balance my media consumption with actual facts and awareness as to what is going on in the world around me. Also a couple of my friends are from Ukraine so I like to know what’s going on in their home country.

11:45 pm — ABC7 News

While I use CNN to check out Global News, I go to ABC7 news to check out what’s going or what the weather is like closest to home.

12:00 pm — YouTube

I normally do my daily chores while listening to music on Youtube. I listened to a series of playlists from LOFI, to jazz, even classical music. Which helps me stay calm and plan for the next tasks for the day.

12:15 pm Linkedin

I was able to reconnect with a former work colleague at this time, and since we had a wonderful conversation I immediately went on Linkedin to view their profile and see their latest career progress.

12:45 pm — TikTok

I have a couple of friends at school and they ask me to critique their content so that way their posts are geared towards their audiences.

1:30 pm — Twitter

I went on Twitter to check out some of the influencers that I follow to see if they have any new inspirational content, sometimes there are quotes that I enjoy to read throughout some parts of the day.

3:15pm — Instagram

When I traveled to the store to get some groceries I stopped to check instagram because some of my friends messaged me through the app, so I took some time to check out their messages.

4 pm — YouTube

On the car ride home I played my traveling to home tracks which kept me calm while I drove home.

1:30 pm — Pinterest

One of my friends has a side hustle where they decorate peoples homes, and post their pictures on Pinterest. So I like to support her by adding supportive comments and likes to her work.

2:00 pm — Spotify

I have another friend who I like to support by listening to their music and eventually posting them on my social media channels while I take time on my off day to organize my files.

6:25 pmInstagram

Around this time in the late afternoon I check up on a couple of my friends who have always supported me during hard times in my life. So we take time out of our day to wish each other well and give each other advice.

7:40 pm — Instagram

I check my phone one more time before dinner as a way of making sure everyone is well in my life before I disconnect from social media for the day.

From charting my media consumption for the day. I can see that I really value friendships and family. I that most of the time I’m either checking up on people or I am supporting their content through media.

Out of the most credible media sites that I have visited during this day would be CNN and ABC7 news. I realize now that I hold these two platforms credible mainly because most of my family get their news from these two platforms so I follow suit. Now that I am aware of this information I will have to make adjustments to my skills of judgement.

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